Gap Forgot To Do A Basic Fact-Check On Their Ad, Awkward

What’s wrong with this ad? Nothing, other than the fact that “Julia in the Patchwork” missed a few buttons on her shirt, right? Try again, betches.

Gap fucked up and put their “1969” logo over a spaceship that launched in 1982, not 1969.

Gap replied saying, “1969 is included in most of our ad pics. Its the year we opened, not meant to be the shuttle launch date. Sorry for confusion.”

So Gap was just going to slap the 1969 logo over pictures of monumental moments in history that have nothing to do with the year of its establishment and call that a campaign? ‘Cause that’s just uncreative and fuckin’ lazy, Gap. Like, is the next ad in the works a pair of jeans next to a photo of the Liberty Bell with 1969 superimposed on it, or what? Either way, the whole 1969 thing is just not catching on, and I know this because when you type 1969 into Google, the only thing that pops up are links to old car models.

And what is this “New Generation” bullshit? Are they insinuating from this campaign that buying a new pair of Gap jeans is going to lead to a new generation of spacecrafts and space mission shit? Well, as my astrophysicist sister tells me (who’s the more accomplished sister, idk you tell me—it’s a hard one), NASA is pretty much completely defunded right now. So is Gap planning on funding space missions they’re supposedly predicting or what? Honestly, they probably could, because Gap jacked up their clothes prices recently. Since when is a plain white T-shirt from Gap like 30 bucks?

So, we have learned that Gap needs to do their research and hire a new campaign strategy team. And someone with a basic grasp of grammar to do their social media. Also, maybe throw this betch a discount. Betch out. 


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