Game Of Thrones Just Got A 90’s Makeover

With all the dick jokes and “he’s right behind me isn’t he?” moments on Game of Thrones, you’d think their staff is made up of sitcom writers. I mean, if The Martian won best comedy then we wouldn’t be surprised to see Game of Thrones up on the nominees next year for comedy.

Well internet dude Mikolaj Birek agreed because he made a version of the Game of Thrones theme song as a 90’s sitcom intro. It’s pretty funny, we have to admit. Especially seeing Cersei laughing like Stephanie from Full House, or Jon Snow with his beautiful hair flowing in the snowy wind.

Also, was the 90’s really that long ago? Technically, yes, but it doesn’t feel like it until you watch this and realize just how far color and sound has come on TV. Also the fact that we no longer have to rewind our VHS’s or that we don’t even own a VHS. Wow.


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