Furry Nails Are A Trend, And They Must Be Stopped

Fashion Week can bring out the crazy. People who don’t “get” fashion always complain that the looks and clothes are unrealistic for daily life, which, yeah, but that’s not really the point. Though, some trends carry on from the runway to daily life, and that can be a good thing.

But not in the case of fur nails. That shit needs to be stopped.

Models for Libertine flaunted faux fur nails on the runway. They kind of give off a Wolverine vibe, but then you remember that claw-like talons are actually preferable to the travesty that is nasty-ass fur on fingernails.


Can you imagine having a hair stuck in your mouth and then trying to pull it out with fur covered nails? SO gross.

Sources say the nails took more than 200 hours to place on all the models. There are better ways to spend your time, Libertine, amirite? 


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