Funniest Quotes From The Hills

It's no surprise that we still love The Hills even though it hasn't been on air for about 3 years. But what better way to honor something or someone you love than by making fun of it? Here's some (but definitely not all) of the most ridiculous shit these people have said on the show. Oh you girls keep me young. 

Heidi: School gets in the way of everything. I’m like ready to finish already.
Lauren: Heidi, you haven’t even started here.


Stephanie Pratt aka The Genius


Klassy Kristin: 


Lauren: I have a very stressful job! I have to guard this VIP area!


Spencer Pratt, Betches and Gentlemen: 


Heidi: And their office is gorgeous. Like inside they have brick walls and these awesome paintings, and I get like a lunch break and stuff.
Lauren: A real lunch break. 


Heidi: I feel like it’s Christmas at home. Somebody always has to cry.
Lauren: Nobody cries at our Christmas.
Jordan: Yea, who cries at your Christmas?
Heidi: I always cry at my Christmases!
Jordan: Why do you cry?
Heidi: Because I never get the present I want.


Audrina's Permanent State: 


Whitney: Guys, I’m glad I’m skipping school for this day.
Heidi: I love ditching. It’s like a thing I love.
Lauren: She loves ditching so much, she permantly ditched school.


Whitney: It’s probably just a momentary tiff.
Lauren: Uh!  I love that word ‘tiff.’  Did you know that my name was going to Tiffany?  Or Crystal. 
Whitney: Crystal?
Lauren: Could you see me as a Tiffany or Crystal? 
Whitney: Tiff…Chris….Chrissy
Lauren: Crystal.
Whitney: Crystalllllll.


On Justin Bobby:


Jen: He's cute…
Lauren: Where?…
Jen: Six o'clock…
Lauren: Six o'clock I don't know where six o'clock is
Jen: Okay fine 11 o'clock


Heidi: I plan to win an Oscar. I'm very ambitious.


The Lo: 


Stephanie Pratt: I need something more in my life than going to AAs and going to bed at 10pm


Brody Never Needed To Say Anything:

Except maybe this…


Heidi: All good things come to an end, but the big thing for us post-'Hills' is our spin-off 'The Heidi and Spencer Show,' which is definitely happening.


Stephanie: OMG she found a guy for me it's one of Scott's friends
Audrina: Do you know anything about him?
Stephanie: Oh yeah I asked the 21 questions
Audrina: He has a car?
Stephanie: You know that's a standard and yes he does! He has a job also
Audrina: Good!!!
Stephanie: He is a professional lacrosse player but I dont know what lacrosse is…
Audrina: But he's an athlete so that's a good thing


And finally, this gem: 


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