Why You Should Be Watching Full Frontal With Samantha Bee

Since the beginning of, like, time, dudes have been dominating the late-night political commentary scene (in addition to literally everything else in the world, but that’s a topic for another day). Yeah, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert were/are amazing. And though you can catch Colbert on basic cable every night, it’s just kind of not the same.

Sure, Trevor Noah is doing an OK job at being hot and having a South African accent, but our nighttime cable commentary has been kind of mehhhhh, which sucks because it’s a presidential election year and there’s so much to make fun of.

That’s why it’s important to make the case for Full Fontal with Samantha Bee. The show is pure fucking gold.

First of all, the B. in Sam B. should stand for betch. She’s hilarious, cutting and sounds pretty much like your best friend would if they were super funny and also had a pretty serious grasp on current events. She’s the TV version of what you’ll find in The ‘Sup (spoiler alert).

I mean, she referred to a Kansas state senator’s skeevy mustache as the possible lingering impression of a glory hole. Did people at home do a spit-take with their white wine when she said that? Probably. I know I did.

Also, this is probably the least feminist thing to say about her, but her wardrobe is on point. At the very least, you can watch this if you need ideas on office-appropriate clothes that won’t make you seem boring.

Catch up on TBS, it’s worth it. 

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