Low-Fat Cheese Isn’t Good For You So Let’s All Stop Pretending

Is there anything in this world better than cheese? Literally every single food that’s any good has cheese in a starring role. Fuck, it’s even in the name usually. Cheese pizza, grilled cheese, mac and cheese, cheese dip. You get the point. In fact, the only kinds of cheese I don’t like are healthy vegan and low-fat kinds. But now we don’t ever have to pretend “we don’t taste the difference” again because a study says that full-fat cheeses are actually better for you than low-fat and skim cheeses. Take that, Gwyneth Paltrow. Tbh, she has nothing to do with this. She just seems like the annoying person that doesn’t keep anything with fat in her fridge.

suck on that

Scientists in Denmark took three groups of people and gave one group regular cheese, another healthy cheese, and the last no cheese for 12 weeks. If I had been drawn for group 3 I would have told their smart Danish asses to keep the money. No cheese for three months? Fuck that noise. Anyway, once time was up, the results showed there was no difference in bad cholesterol between groups 1 and 2, but the fatty cheese group actually showed an increase in the good cholesterol aka it’s actually good for you. One of the docs went on to say that this is only true if it’s eaten in moderation, blah blah blah, but I’m choosing to ignore that and just focus on the part where regular, gooey cheese is healthy. What can I say? I’m a glass half full betch. One thing’s for sure. I will be celebrating tonight with a cheese plate and a glass bottle of red. Considering all the health benefits between both of those, it’s practically a salad. 

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