Fugly Trend Alert: Babouches

This week in spring fashion brings you the number one shoe you most definitely shouldn’t be wearing: the babouche.  I’m unsure as to who was like, “this is a great idea,” but whoever said that was seriously disturbed.

Vogue named the babouche the It Shoe of the Year because Céline had them in their resort collection, but honestly, they just remind me of Crocs. First of all, the name “babouche” is ridiculous. That’s basically just the beginning of the Russian word for grandmother. Is that the look you’re going for when you hit the bar? They look like they’re trying too hard to be casualwear when they’re really shoes for your mom’s frumpy pantsuit that you’ve begged her millions of times not to wear to work.

The shoe is pointed at the top like a stiletto, but loses all associated chicness when it ditches the sophisticated heel and opts for a more Birkenstock-style strap around the back of the completely flat shoe.  Vogue describes it as “…so flat you could almost call it a slipper, except that even a slipper has a little foam padding underneath.”  The director of Vogue Runway, Nicole Phelps, seems to think these have staying power. Let’s hope she’s more wrong than the idea that flats are ever a good choice.

LOOK AT THIS SHIT. Not even Buddy the elf would be caught dead in these.


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