Frozen Is Coming To Broadway

It finally happened, Frozen is coming to Broadway. Makes sense, there’s a fuck ton of snow in the story so it was only a matter of time until it got to the Great White Way.

Pro: slutty Elsa costumes will be popular again at Halloween.

Con: betchy kids will dressed as non-slutty Elsas again.

While this will probably overall be annoying AF because everyone will start singing Let It Go every 5 seconds again, we have to let all the betchy little girls have their thing. We had Pocahontas and Jasmine and Cinderella, these kids have an ice queen, which any betch should be able to identify with for obvious reasons. So I guess this has to happen.

Also I have to say that Elsa’s messy braid game is off the YouTube beauty tutorial charts, so we could all take some notes from her on that btw.


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