Prepare To Be Annoyed Again Because Frozen 2 Is Happening

Today Disney really pulled a dick move and decided to prolong the annoying Frozen craze by announcing “Frozen 2.” You could pretty much hear betches every where collectively face palm.
Don't get me wrong, frozen was okay. The first fucking time I saw it. But then everyone was singing that fucking song and dressing up like a slutty Elsa for Halloween and it just fucking ruined it for me.

Not every hit movie has to have a fucking sequel. Just refer to “The Hangover” movies. I personally think Frozen should take its own advice and let it go. But unfortunately, my opinion has been outnumbered by the million 8 year old girls worldwide. Frozen 2 will feature the same cast and Adele Deezem will most likely be singing another teenage angst based song. Fucking great.




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