FRIENDS is Having a Reunion Season

Apparently there were rumors traveling that Friends is coming back for a reunion…but I never heard those rumors so when I read that this is actually true I screamed. Can it be? Are my dreams really coming true? They are: NBC has confirmed that Friends is set to come back for another season in 2014 but it's not certain if the entire cast will be on the show. My first thought was OMG I MIGHT CRY OF JOY but then my second was like UGH. I mean, if everyone will show then EVERYONE is going to look so old that it may ruin the entire series I know and love and have filling up my entire DVR. Matt LeBlanc has gray hair, Courtney Cox's fake mouth is worse than Meg Ryan's, and if anyone has seen Wanderlust we know we're in for a puffy disaster with Rachel. But then again Ross was always really good at moisturizing his T-zone and Chandler looked really old mid-series due to his drug addiction so he'll look about the same. Whatevs, we can't complain because this will be the betchiest reunion since Romy and Michele's. Could we BE anymore excited? 


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