Does My Friend Have a Right To Get Mad That I Hooked Up With Her Ex? Dear Betch…

Dear Betches,

Basically me and my best friend were really close and all until the beginning of this year when I made more friends because I was sick of having just 3 friends. She dated this guy freshmen year until the beginning of sophomore year (when we stopped talking as much) I mean don’t get me wrong we were still close but not best friends because I changed friend groups. Over spring break I got with her ex. But we didn’t date or anything like we both didn’t want that. Does she have the right to get mad? By spring break we spoke like once a week and my other old bff told her to never speak to me again.

Dear Clueless,

Judging by your total lack of comprehensible sentences or grammar, I’m guessing you are still in high school. All good though, because my answer to this question can honestly be summed up in one GIF:

So, yeah, I would say your friend has every right to be mad and not want to speak to you. But judging by your cavalier attitude toward all this I’d say you didn’t really consider her that much of a friend anyway, so, no harm no foul, I guess??

In the future, please watch Mean Girls before acquiring more friends.

You can go shave your back now,

The Betches


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