There’s Going To Be a Friday Night Lights Reunion

So every year there’s ATX Television Festival, which is like a mix between Comic Con, Coachella, and YouTube. But this year’s festival is a time machine of the best teen dramas. There’s going to be Friday Night Lights and The OC reunions – are you still breathing? Start freaking out in your group chat right now.

The Friday Night Lights cast/crew/writers – we’re not totally sure who will be there but I need a group photo of Street, Riggins, Saracen, and Coach like yesterday – will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the premiere and 5th anniversary of the finale with a full Panther celebration. They’ll have a pep rally and tailgate in a Texas football field, because Texas forever. Hopefully, Lyla Garrity shows up in her cheer uniform and Tammy Taylor brings a vat of white wine.

As of right now just the OC writers and God among men Josh Schwartz are getting together to re-read the pilot episode. But I’m guessing that they’ll pull in some cast members because only Luke can say “Welcome to the OC bitch.”

So go buy your tickets to the throwback of all throwbacks and order your Riggins football jersey now, because clear eyes, full hearts can’t lose. 


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