They’re Making a Friday Night Lights Musical

Friday Night Lights is one of the most important TV shows of the 2000s and not just because it brought us Tim Riggins. It romanticized football teams in the South and even made us want to go to public school for fall semester. Well, it’s going to be a musical for one night only, which is the cruelest plot twist since Tyra’s attempted rape.

Jason Street aka Scott Porter is playing Coach Taylor, and it’s totally okay if you just burst into tears. The father-son relationship between Coach and J was nothing compared to Coach and Riggins or Coach and Saracen, but if you haven’t rewatched the hospital scene with “you make guys like me want to coach,” then you’re the grinch of teen TV.

I really hope that Lyla Garrity bursts into “when you’re 15 and somebody tells you they love you, you’re gonna believe them.” Because she is the Taylor Swift of Dillon High. Matt Saracen is the softest kid on the football team, so he should probably rap a verse of “Started From the Bottom.” But most important, I’m going to need Tim Riggins to serenade me with some Luke Bryan.


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