An iCarly Star Just Got Married, and You’re Still Single AF


Don’t pretend like you didn’t enjoy watching iCarly when you babysit in high school. That show was the best thing on Nickelodeon since Zoey 101 – Victorious can sit the fuck down. The show was about Carly and her friends Sam and Freddie’s YouTube channel where they just did weird shit. Like the whole plot was Jenna Marbles for pre-teens.

Freddie was the Gordo of the show. Carly friendzoned him so hard, you physically cringed when he gave Carly ~that look. Well that chubby, nerdy kid just got married IRL. Do you feel ancient? Because you should.

The whole cast reunited at his wedding, and Miranda Cosgrove – the girl who played Carly – Instagrammed a pic with the caption “Being old is so fun.” Oh is it Miranda? Because a child star just got married, and I’m still over here drinking Gatorade for my hangovers. 


Heading to @nathankress’s wedding. Being old is so fun

A photo posted by Miranda Cosgrove (@mirandacosgrove) on


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