Frat Bros At Wisco Caught Drugging Girls’ Drinks

In recent news, the brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee are allegedly using a color-coded system to roofie girls at their parties. Their attempt to get girls to like them resulted in three females and one male being hospitalized after a party at the TKE house.

The report issued by local police says “hot” girls were given the chance to buy index cards that provided them with access to the entire frat house and free drinks. These free (and cloudy) drinks were sketchily made by brothers behind the bar. Not only are these sad attempts at “bros” drugging innocent college girls, they are also making them pay for drinks by selling index cards…excuse me, what?

We know frat bros are not the smartest bros betches end up dealing with, but this kind of behavior should never be tolerated and betches should watch out for each other whenever bros start mixing shit behind the bar. We’re all for the shadiness factor, but never trust a frat bro with your alcohol.

UWM has suspended TKE for now and we hope that the university takes this issue seriously and separates the losers from the bros. Betches love blacking out, but not because of some fugly loser’s inability to get girls.




Source: CBS News


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