Top Five Food Gifts for Him

If you’re dating a pro you want to impress, food and alcohol are definitely the way to his heart. Short of you wearing an apron and nothing else while cooking – which no self-respected betch would do unless there was a promise of gifts – we rounded up the top five things most pros would love – especially if they’re a gourmet at heart. From fancy spices to rare whiskey, these are some of the best things you can get him with minimal effort on your part this holiday season:

Whiskey Or Some Sort Of Fancy Alcohol:

A bottle or two of really nice whiskey, bourbon, or tequila are not only bragging pieces for his liquor cabinet when the guys come over but, also, meant to be enjoyed by him whenever he damn well pleases. If it’s a liquor you both like, even better. You just got a kick start on date night.

Three To Four Spices Or Condiments He Hasn’t Heard Of:

 So this is a bit vague, but there are a ton of new-ish condiments and ingredients making their way main stream that he’s probably dying to try if he’s a foodie at heart. Here are a few we love that are definitely sure to get his gourmet heart racing:

a. Gochujang is a Korean soy paste that’s a cross between pungent and savory. It works on literally anything, so he doesn’t have to be an executive chef to figure out what to do with it.

b. Za’atar, a staple spice blend from the Middle East that can be used on barbecue, fish, marinades, and even roasted chicken. People will think he’s awesome and worldly for using this.

c. Berbere spice, which hails from Ethiopia and is fabulous for tagines, is made up of garlic, chilies, basil, fenugreek, and much more. He’ll seem so chic using this shit.

A Beer Cookbook:

Honestly, they exist and they’re hilarious. From beer can chicken to marinades which would literally require him to pour one out over a brisket, these cookbooks combine most men’s love of meat and alcohol. If he’s not into reading, get him a beer-making kit so he can make his own shitty beer.

A Gourmet Food Basket:

A package of fancy sausages, cheeses, and other “man snacks” are a sure hit with most any guy. Think of all the snacking he can do while sitting on the couch and watching games on Sunday. It may not be your favorite thing, but it will certainly keep him full and entertained. Sorry about the cleaning you’ll probably have to do afterwards. 

A Set Of Fancy Barbecue Sauce:

If he loves grilling and barbecuing, he needs a set of fancy sauces. There are tons of them out there, so opt for a set that has a smoky concoction, Carolina sauce, white sauce, hot pepper/vinegar sauce, and Eastern North Carolina sauce.  


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