A Betchy Interview With Flux Pavilion

Over the weekend at EZoo, these betches interviewed none other than Flux Pavilion. You know, the British DJ who’s headlined three U.S. tours and performed at festivals like EDC Las Vegas and Coachella? The one who made that “I Can’t Stop” remix that you’ve heard at every club since 2010? The one who’s kind of a big deal? Yeah, him. Read below to find out his opinions on social media, his next hair color, and more, and be sure to check out his awesome new track with NGHTMRE, “Feel Your Love”. Add it to your pregame playlist and thank us later.

We really loved your set, it was really fun. Did you happen to see any of the totems from the stage?
I saw a Harambe one, it said “Dicks out for Harambe.”

dicks out for harambe

You’ve done a bunch of sunset sets, late night sets, how do you stay pumped and keep your energy for both?

The music, I guess. The reason I’m there is because I love writing and playing music. So if I’m getting tired I’ll focus on the music I’m playing and how much I enjoy it, and putting all the energy I’ve got into my best set. You know, like when you put on your favorite album and even if you’re feeling a bit janky you get energized.

We read on your Twitter that your festival secret to staying alive is drinking equal amounts of water and whiskey?

Well if I’m drinking alcoholic drinks I always drink water, cause then I can drink like, twice as much. I’m quite good at maintaining that staying power when I’m drinking. If you wanna be able to drink people under the table, drink lots of water.

Any other festival survival tips?

No, I haven’t really been to a festival in ages. I don’t really like crowds; I like sitting at home and listening to music and having my own experience. I don’t really like loud music, flashing lights, and crowds. That’s not how I like to experience it when I listen to music. It’s a really interesting part of performing as a DJ, but I don’t do it for fun. I’ve just got more invested. Like if I go to a festival I’ll start writing notes and taking voice notes in my phone… so for me to relax I’d rather sit at home in silence.

What have been some of your favorite albums that have come out this year?

The new Flume album I listen to quite alot. Main album is Run The Jewels 2, but that came out last year I think. The new Bon Iver record comes out this month as well, so I’m looking forward to that. My album came out this year as well, I think it’s quite good.

If you could collaborate with any artist—dead, alive, we don’t care—who would it be?

Run The Jewels is pretty damn awesome, I’ve been working on a lot of really aggressive hip-hop beats, I’ve been working with a group called Two-9 from Atlanta, I was in the studio with them for two months, that was really fun. 

Anybody else?

Kanye—as a recording artist, as a producer, but first and foremost the ideas he brings to the table on every record. A lot of people don’t know Kanye has been a part of making so much music, like Pharrell—a lot of people don’t realize he made that Gwen Stefani record … I’d like to sit down with Kanye, not as an artist, but as a producer and have a chin wag about where he gets his ideas from.

You have a million Facebook followers. That’s insane. Did you try to become that big on social media?

I kind of switched off for social media, it started feeling like a platform where people would sell themselves. To me, social media was a platform where people would express themselves, and where people would share their ideas, share their music and at some point—like, 3 years ago—it just switched to a place where people were selling. Like, “buy my album,” all those corporate ideals seeped into social media, and I’m just not interested in that. I’m not interested in selling my records. I have a record label. That’s their job. That’s what they do.

But I’m interested in making [records] and writing and playing them for people… If I spent my life concentrating on selling records I’d be writing completely different music. I’d write radio music; I wouldn’t write really outrageous dubstep. I’d write happy pop music.

I don’t expect anyone to buy my records. Me and Doctor P just put out an EP and there’s a track called “Fuckers”. It’s this really weird, aggressive Irish folk music and trap and we made it and were like “no one’s gonna like it but they’ll dance to it” (and that is something as well), but somehow people really like the track. But we didn’t make it like “oh everyone’s gonna look at us like we’re musical geniuses”. We just did it like, “this is fun and this is weird and no one’s ever done this before.” I focus a lot more on that than trying to make cash, and social media just feels like everyone’s just trying to make cash. I’ll work out how to get money from somewhere.

We saw on Twitter that you’re into writing haikus.

I was really bored, Twitter is really annoying with the character limit. But a haiku’s always gonna fit. It will never not fit. So I thought, “fuck it.”

Do you have any crazy fan stories or backstage stories?

A fan once told me to go fuck myself because I didn’t have a pen. They asked me to sign a poster and I said “If you give me a pen I’d be happy to sign it” and I didn’t have a pen and they said “no, you need to have a pen” and I said “well, I don’t have a pen” so they said “go fuck yourself”… the definition of being a musical artist has definitely shifted. So I carry a pencil case with me at all times now—a pencil case, a rubber [Editor’s Note: that’s eraser in British-people speak, not a condom, you pervs], and a sharpener. because being a recording artist you need not just music anymore, you need pens, you need stationery as well.

We like the blue hair, we liked the blond hair, do you have any other hair colors?

My dream, I can’t grow a beard but I really wanna grow a big blue beard and a shaved head, a very sort of pirate Blue Beard kind of style. I’ve wanted that since I was 16 so I’ve been waiting to grow a beard, but my career may be over by the time I grow a beard—I may be in my 50s by that point. For my comeback when I’m in my 60s, maybe.


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