Check Out This Fucked Up Hair Dying Trend

Another day, another whack hair trend. This time it’s called “fluid hair painting.” The goal of this technique is to give you a color gradient or to just put in a fuck load of different colors. Some people are calling it “mermaid hair.” Any way you slice it, this is whack AF.

I mean, first of all when you are getting this done you don’t look like a mermaid, you look like one of those Medusa’s with snakes for hair. And second, I am just not impressed with the results. This whole pastel hair color thing needs to dye out. Pun intended. I mean, seriously, maybe when the colors are fresh they look hipster-dumpster-chic for a day or two. But as soon as it starts to fade, it just looks like you colored you hair with a dry erase marker.

I feel like this technique could be cool, if people used it to you know, make their hair look like hair. This has the potential to be the perfect way to get those ideal, “I live at the beach,” natural looking highlights. But kids, please do not color your hair green, this is one instance where you should just stop being a brat and listen to your mom already.


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