Floser Plays Pokémon Go In Beyoncé’s Presence

After a shit-show Republican National Convention and another major email scandal with the Democrats, it’s like, pretty safe to say Beyoncé is the closest thing to a really inspirational leader we have right now.

Basically everyone hails Queen Bey. Well, basically everyone except this girl caught playing Pokémon Go mere feet from American royalty.

This crazy is literally inside the stage on the Formation Tour and has fucking Pokémon Go open. Like, it’d be one thing if it was intermission or some weird other concert waiting period, but no. Beyoncé is actually on stage and singing at the time this girl is trying to catch what? Another fucking Rattata?

There better be a damn Mewtwo on the stage if that’s actually what you’re concerned about right now.


#PressPlay #Wayment She wasn’t playing about them #Pokemons! #FormationTour #Beyonce via: @ananddb

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Also, don’t judge me for being able to name a rare Pokémon off the top of my head. That’s basic recall from being 6 years old and a total nerd when the first Pokémon movie came out.

UGH. I can’t with these Pokémon-goers anymore. I wish this fad was Pokémon-gone. 


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