Florida Man Accidentally Texts Cop For Weed

Surprise, surprise someone in Florida acted like a huge dumbass and is making the news again. This time, for typing in the wrong number for his drug dealer (first issue—why are you manually typing in anybody's number? You save that shit as 'Mike Green'  or  'Fred Snow' and everybody fucking knows that) and texting the Martin County Sheriff's narcotics captain instead. The text convo ended in this dude's arrest because duh.

Hilariously, the sheriffs office actually screenshotted the texts and posted them to facebook, making the Martin County Sheriff's office one of the betchiest sheriff's offices around. They called it an example of “texting gone wrong” and my only question here is where the MCPD would rank this on a scale from 1 to 'sending a pic of your boobs to your grandma.'

Honestly, all this goes to show is that Florida is a bat shit crazy place and that any text convo that includes the phrase “remember me we met at 711” is a conversation that you should not continue.


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