Florida Stores Pull Clown Costumes Because Of Those Creepy-Ass Clowns

We’ve always had serious questions about anyone over the age of 10 who decides to be a clown for Halloween, but this year there’s really no excuse. Creepy clowns have been terrorizing people all over the world, and we don’t know that they’re not all murderers or rapists.

One chain of costume stores in Florida is taking the decision out of your hands by halting sales of all clown costumes and accessories. Goodwill-Suncoast has 18 locations around the Tampa area, and they said the decision is trying to be sensitive to some customer concerns they’ve received.

This is honestly such a smart decision. The people of Florida have proven time and again that they’re batshit crazy, so they probably shouldn’t be trusted to make good Halloween costume choices. Like for real, fuck clowns. Please don’t be a clown on Halloween, or we might have to use that pepper spray keychain our dad bought us when we were 17.


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