Betchiest Flight Attendant Ever Ditches Suitcase Filled With 70 Pounds of Cocaine

A JetBlue flight attendant went SO rogue at LAX on Friday night, running out of the airport and allegedly leaving behind 70 FUCKING POUNDS of cocaine in her suitcase.

The unnamed flight attendant’s cocaine-fueled downfall started when TSA officers pulled her aside for a screening after she was acting “nervous.” Upon being asked for her identification, she sprinted out of the screening room and ditched all of her belongings, including the stash of nose candy and casual Gucci heels.

So this woman shows up to the airport, reporting for duty with a carry-on filled with cocaine and Gucci shoes. The most amazing part is apparently she didn’t even consider that she may be questioned about her sketchy suitcase, and her backup plan was just to sprint the fuck out of there. Amazing.

The flight attendant has not been identified, nor caught. No word what the government will do with the 70 pounds of fun powder, either. 


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