How Do I Get Away With Not Wearing High Heels? Dear Betch…

Dear Betch,

I’ll get straight to the point; I have a seriously hard time wearing heels. I have been a ballet dancer for a loooong time, so while I have a great ass my feet have been a little screwed up from all that time in pointe shoes. So do you have any suggestions for cute flats or even wedges? What’s the best way to wear them for a night out without looking like the girl who also has a first aid kit and snacks in her purse?


Trying to be sensible without looking sensible

Dear sensible short betch,

First of all, props on trying to be sensible and have your shit together style-wise. Sorry to be judgy but after watching Natalie Portman’s psycho bitch fits and long sleeve tees underneath fucking tank tops in The Black Swan, I just assume that all ballerinas are mentally insane and abysmally dressed. Also, congratulations; not even Kim Kardashian’s pregnant self can actually hold up that martini glass on its own so you must have one hell of a ballet ass if you have the confidence to rock flats in a room full of stilettos. On the other hand, I’d be lying if I said that I’ve never eyed the one betch in the club wearing flats and wondered where she keeps her inhaler and knitting needles.

That being said, looking good on a night out is all about balance. If you can’t sex it up on the bottom then utilize your outfit and accessory choices to add edginess and ensure that you look like you’re there to party, not DD your friends home with your mom’s minivan. Where footwear is concerned, over-the-knee boots are having a huuuuuuge moment right now and actually look really hot when paired with a short skirt or dress to highlight the legs. For warmer weather, gladiator sandals are back in style, and are another flat option for accentuating the legs while still remaining flat on the ground. Finally, I’ve included some really cute wedges that are still fairly comfortable for a long night out.

As for what to wear, you want something sexy and flattering that says I know I’m shorter than everyone but I make up for my height with impeccable style and ability to consume even more copious amounts of alcohol now that I’m not wearing heels since I could probably fall down in them if I get too fucked up. Whatever you wear needs to be something that’s too formal for day, since you don’t have the element of heels to dress it up.


The Betches

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