Your FitBit Won’t Help You Lose 3 Pounds

It’s officially the end of summer aka officially the end of giving a shit about your summer body. That’s especially good news if you use a FitBit, because it turns out fitness trackers don’t do shit to help you lose weight. They’re like the Kalteen bars of fitness routines.


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A group of scientists put 500 adults on a reduced-calorie diet for two years. Half of the subjects wore fitness tracking devices while the other half didn’t wear anything and logged their exercise. Not to criticize the study, but that is the shittiest version of The Biggest Loser ever.

Well it turns out that in 18 months, the ones who didn’t wear fitness trackers lost 5 more pounds than those who wore them. So not only did they wear fugly bracelets, but they still want to lose 3 pounds. The scientists think this might have been because wearing fitness trackers made people more discouraged when they failed to meet their activity goals (see: my little trying to get an ab crack before spring break) or because people ate more to reward themselves for burning more calories (see: me justifying ice cream by walking to the store).

So basically, instead of buying a FitBit spend that money on SoulCycle classes.  


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