First Zoolander Teaser Was Leaked & It Doesn’t Feature The Cheryl Ladd Collection From JC Penney

The first trailer for the Zoolander sequel was leaked this weekend, and it's exactly as amazing as you hoped it would be. The plot for the movie is Hansel and Derek dealing with becoming modeling has-beens (cough cough Heidi Klum), but why male models? The trailer isn't that exciting, since we don't actually learn anything about the movie itself. But Derek's overly contoured cheek bones are enough right now.



DAIYE #66 CREW PHOTO #ZOOLANDER2 #ROMA #CREWSTEEL 2 more days… Going to miss this place!

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The first Zoolander movie posed the most important question of the 2000s – What if there's more to life than being really really ridiculously good looking. Well, the sequel asks an even more thought provoking one – If God exists, why did he create ugly people? More importantly, if God exists why did it take so long to make this fucking movie? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.




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