First Date Makeup Ideas That Don’t Suck

So first dates inherently suck. That’s why all the good people are single. I, for one, am already so annoyed just thinking about having to sit across the table from a rando to discuss arbitrary and meaningless things like “families”, “jobs”, and “what makes us happy.” LOL yawn. Next please. Oh well. The one good thing about dates is that you get to look really pretty and make a good first impression on someone while they compliment you. So if you gain your self-worth from other people’s snap judgements of you, here are some makeup ideas for first dates that won’t disappoint—like you eventually will!

1. Poppy Colored Lips

This is a bold fucking choice but one that should be applauded nonetheless. Poppy colored lips (red with an orange tint) say “I’m different, but not too different.” And also, “don’t kiss me.” Just in case.

2. Bold (But Not Too Bold) Brows And Cat Eye

Thick, brushed-up brows are all the super model/celeb rage right now. The trick is to use a pencil liner to fill in your brows and then comb them through with some brow gel instead of heavy powder or gel. Finish it off with a simple black wing to prime for eye fucking if things go well!

3. Gold Eyeshadow

What’s great about gold eyeshadow is that it brings out all eye colors on the spectrum. It also lets him know that gold, i.e. money, is on your mind. Subliminal messages are key during the beginnings of a new relationship.

4. Nude on Nude

The key to this look is to just not over do it. That’s literally it. Just be you!*

*Never be you. In fact, for best results, try to be the exact opposite of you. At least for the first 3 months.


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