Finstagrams (Fake Instagrams) Are A Thing Now

Apparently having two Instagrams is cool now. This 18-year-old betch was featured in Elle, noted for her trendiness of having a Rinsta (real Instagram, duh) and a Finsta (fake Instagram, duh). Suddenly, the necessity of two Instagram accounts is just like, the rules of feminism.

The real account is kept PG so parents can follow, while the Finsta is being kept as a friends-only zone. Basically having a Finstagram is equivalent to having an account dedicated to inside jokes that only you and your friends understand.

More important, the Finstagram is the account that your parents/aunts/coworkers don’t have access to, so it’s totally cool to post the 4 empty martini glasses from last weekend, or the picture of you passed out in a bathtub, or the picture in that not-so-PG couture number.

I’m pretty sure this fad was started by some screaming tweens in a girl’s locker room in east bumblefuck, because children will do anything to keep themselves entertained.   

So thank you, tweens of America, for the ability to share our deepest, darkest secrets with your closest of friends in a very public, anonymous way. 


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