Taking People’s Money Away Motivates Them To Get Off Their Lazy Asses, Study Finds

According to a recent CNN study, American companies could get their employees to work out by giving them financial incentives and then threatening to take them away. The Annals of Internal Medicine found that 80% of large businesses are trying to increase physical activity among their employees, and this evil-but-effective plan should be how they go about it.

As an experiment, employees at three different companies were given a goal to hit 7000 steps a day for thirteen weeks. At one company, the employees were given $1.40 everyday that they hit their goal. At the second company, employees could only compete for the money if they hit their goal the day before. At the third company, employees were given $42 upfront, and then get $1.40 taken away from them for every day they didn’t meet their goal.

As we expected, the employees who were being threatened obviously stepped up their game, no pun intended. The results showed that 96% of this group actually stuck to their goal, increasing their physical activity by over 50%. Looks like anyone is willing to take the stairs and do a few burpees when their happy hour money is being jeopardized. 

I mean, we’d probably also get our asses to the gym on a Sunday morning if our money was being taken away.


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