The Only Fifty Shades of Grey Drinking Game You’ll Ever Need

If you're a true betch, then you already know that the Fifty Shades of Grey movie will be one of the most important things that happens all year. You still have a few weeks until the movie comes out, which is perfect because you'll have time to build up your tolerance for this drinking game. Bookmark this shit now, and start planning how you're going to smuggle in a handle of vodka to the midnight premiere (you'll need it).


– Anastasia acts like a little bitch/looks scared

– Christian smolders directly into the camera

– A Beyoncé song plays

– Helicopter/private plane

– Anastasia tells someone that Christian couldn't possibly like her

– Someone says something ridiculously cheesy. (Use this at your own discretion, depending on how blackout you want to get.)

– Someone has an orgasm

– Anastasia refers to her vagina as “her sex” (idk it happened a lot in the book)



– Anastasia says “Enlighten me then.”

Moral of the story, if you don't need to get an Uber home from the movie theater, you have done something horribly wrong. Don't act like this movie is some sacred love story, we all read the book and we all know we want the sex to be dirty. Get ready betches, because this movie is a fucking event.


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