So Fetty Wap Recorded A Christmas Song

Now we can all have a Merry Christmas, thanks to Fetty Wap. The song, simply titled “Merry Xmas,” is super chill and perfect for people into the tones of jingle bells paired with some Fetty Wap slurring.

In summary, the song is a sure-fire betch holiday anthem. The song is literally about making so much money and being so in love with Christmas that you get lots of really fabulous presents, including (but not limited to) French tips, a trip to Tiffany, a lighted Christmas tree, and weed.

Clearly Fetty’s as upset as we are about Mariah’s Christmas song dropping in the holiday charts. He sings:

“We’re all in love with Christmas, it’s true
And all I want for Christmas is you
I said, all I want for Christmas is you”

Thanks for keeping the Christmas tradition alive, Fetty.

This is Merry Christmas to you!


The Betches 


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