Our Fave Fashion Week Looks From Around The Globe

Betches love buying and wearing expensive shit, but it’s important to develop an appreciation for the creative process behind the label, and understand how the demolished beige sweater that makes Kim K look like she was savagely attacked by a pack of wolves became “fashion.” (Hahaha just kidding the Yeezy collection fucking sucks.) Paris fashion week recently came to a close, and all this psycho, fabulous, chic insanity has us betches all like “ooh!”, “ahhh,” and, “Was that actually a nipple?”

A lot of weird shit goes down at every fashion week, but we’re opting to ignore all that and focus on our favorite looks at each event.

New York

American designers showcased their fall/winter 2016 collections at NYFW February 11-18. It may seem a little early since we’re still trying to figure out wtf to wear this spring/summer, but it’s kind of the same concept as holiday drinks at Starbucks—put pumpkin spice lattes on the menu hella early when it’s still hot outside to keep bitches thirsty and excited for the rest of the season.

Proenza Schouler slayyyyed by putting a unique spin on the lace-up trend, edgy tailoring, cutouts, and 70s-inspired trenches.

Alexander Wang was a clusterfuck of 90s grunge, leather, and overt marijuana refrences. It was FABULOUS. YAAAS ALEXANDER.


After NYFW came London Fashion Week, and our betchy neighbors from across the pond absolutely killed it. A British invasion is coming to betchy closets all over America.

Alexander McQueen killllllled us with empowering menswear looks, romantic silhouettes, and all black everything. Bravo, and may he rest in peace.

Julien Macdonald’s glamorous, sexy, and rock ’n’ roll aesthetic looked like a badass Rihanna video walking down the runway. Chic AFFFFF.


Betches usually only associate Italy with annoying study abroad Instagrams and drunk pizza, but Milan fashion week reminded us just how incredibly gifted Italian designers are and the colossal influence they hold over the entire fashion landscape.

Gucci’s collection was basically like, if your Grandma dropped acid and then started trying on looks from her closet.

Valentino went all black swan on us: half demure looks in pale and blush, while the other half had us grappling with our inner darkness.


We still can’t believe that Anne Hathaway got to go to this shit and we didn’t. Ughhhh.

The Balmain army shut it down in Paris this week. I mean. It was incredible. Oliver Rousteing made history with groundbreaking silhouettes and a unique play on color. Kendall and Gigi switched hair randomly. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this squad? Literally no words. I can’t even. I’m dead. Over and out.


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