Chic Betch: Fashion for the Fourth

So July 4th is upon us and usually I’m all for it, but this year I can’t help but think about how awkward it is. Wednesday? Really?? So am I supposed to party the weekend before or after? Do I save my cutest outfit for the actual day or the weekend of celebration? So many unanswered questions that keep me up at night but one thing's for sure, once that night rolls around, I’ll be looking fabulous.

July 4th is all about sporting your patriotism but as a betch, you have the duty to remain understated. A betch does not wear a flag across her chest, plastic star earrings or a bandana—if this is you, definitely consider attending the casting call for Swamp People or go back to 8mile. This Independence Day we go back to the basics but spice it up with some 2012 flavor.

Your bro and his friends are throwing a rager at their Hamptons pad and you have no idea what to wear. Usually you spend nights trying to balance on a couch in stilettos while going vert with a bottle of goose but now you’re supposed to be social at a house party? What’s a betch to do?

Given the choice, we must always shy away from the wedge because its comfort compromises its sex appeal to an absurd extent. Why is this night different from all other nights? On this night we make an exception and prance around the infinity pool and the guest house in a wedge – yes, a wedge. This is because we have to show any hint of class we have to honor Lady Libs while also preventing our feet from sinking into the grass. If you haven’t already picked up a neutral wedge for summer, you’ve been looking like shit for weeks but at least you can get a nice pair on sale with the rest of the commoners.

Wedge, Guiseppe Zanotti: This is a great wedge for the big night because it doesn’t have “too much shoe” and the beige suede is gorgeous. You have the whole front of your foot open, which elongates the leg, and a solid 6 inch heel to show you’re not fucking around.

The dress you pair with these has to be sexy yet sophisticated and appropriate for any sort of weather. Of course the party is near the water so naturally we must prepare for a breeze with some sleeves. See it here>>

Dress, Alice + Olivia: I’m really loving the button front and pin tuck detail on this dress but most of all the fit is perfect. Sometimes we break the ice chips diet for specific occasions, and July 4th is definitely one of them. Fear not, you can eat a potato chip and no one will know! The loose fit of the dress hides any hint of eating and the skirt gives the illusion of a super skinny leg lost in a forest of white silk.

If you already know it’s going to be chilly then definitely be prepared. We all know it absolutely sucks to get goosebumps within the first 5 minutes of a party and lose that freshly smooth leg, so grab a summer scarf. See it here>>

Scarf, Theodora and Callum: Theodora and Callum prints are gorgeous and this particular scarf provides just the right amount of blue accent for the 4th. Designed and developed by the betches who founded Scoop NYC, how can you say no? See it here>>

We need a little pop of red or blue to complete our understated patriotism so of course an accessory is going to tie that in. I go for a clutch because I find a bag with a strap distracts from my jewelry and outfit.

Clutch, Yves Saint Laurent: This clutch is the perfect size for the essentials, it has gorgeous pebbled leather, and the color is spot on. At first I hesitated buying a blue clutch but this is definitely a classic style and the logo is so understated. Like, “Yeah, I can afford YSL but I own so much of it that I don’t need it to scream in your face.” See it here>>

Bracelet, Henri Bendel: Definitely pair this outfit with some gold bangles or your La Mer watch with gold hardware. Keep the jewelry simple and delicate. This night is not only about partying in style and fucking under the fireworks, it’s about honoring the biggest betch in the world. Do it right. Do it for America. See it here>>


Stay Chic.


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