The Long-Lost 4th Destiny’s Child Got Arrested

Flashback to the year 1999 when Destiny’s Child had four members: Beyoncé, Kelly, Michelle and Farrah Franklin. Oh, you’ve never heard of Farrah? That’s because she lasted 5 months with the group and then “left”. It was like the world’s best gap semester. No one is really sure why Farrah was kicked out of the group, because if she was a shitty singer than Michelle should’ve left too. According to Kelly it was because Farrah “couldn’t handle stress.” That sounds like code for “Beyoncé didn’t like her.”

Flash forward to this week, and Farrah’s life has gone from ultimate FOMO to much worse. She was arrested for drug possession and public intoxication, but it’s not Spring Break and she was not at Panama City Beach. Oops. (“Oops” is also the title of her mugshot):

At approx 3am she got into a fight with some rando outside of a gym. Other than a BMW parked in a suburban CVS parking lot at 1am, that’s the most obvious drug deal I’ve ever heard of. The police showed up, because the whole thing sounds sketchy af, and they arrested her for being a human disaster.

So your life may be a mess right now, but at least you aren’t a Destiny’s Child has-been with a police record. Maybe Beyoncé will pay her bail…probably not.


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