Congratulations, Now You Can Have Temporary Freckles

In the spirit of celebrating diversity, here’s a fun and flirty new beauty product! Temporary freckles. First seen on Kickstarter (where all the dumbest things start, tbh), the product’s called “Freck Yourself” because, well, of fucking course it is.

Alright, like, no shade on freckles (they can be cute in a Pippy Longstocking kind of way, which is something I never thought I’d type out, but I’m feeling forgiving today, I guess, whatever), but this is just dumb AFFF. What is essentially just a triangular shaped stencil with holes in it — and some self tanner — has raised $12,000 so far. Like, has the Red Cross ever even made that much? 

Taken from the actual kick starter page: “There have always been two problems with creating artificial freckles.” Really? Only two?

Also, how white is the following sentence on a scale of 1 to Martha Stewart?: “Pencil or makeup freckles smudge really easily.” UGH, I know right?! How annoying is it when your fake freckles smudge all over the place?! The worst! TG you guys invented this! 


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