A Guide to the New Facebook Reaction Emojis

Facebook has started rolling out their new reaction buttons, aka the “dislike” button that everyone’s been begging for.  Instead of just a dislike and like however, the new reactions come in a set of 6: Love, Haha, Yay, Wow, Sad, and Angry.

Because when people post shit that’s upsetting like “almost got mugged, very shaken up” it’s insensitive to hit the LIKE button, even if what you’re liking is the fact that they’re okay enough to be posting on Facebook. So Facebook was all like, oh hey, maybe we should let people express their empathy instead of just a meaningless system of validating likes (but they sure do validate you). Only problem is that an emoji face with tears in its eyes can hardly read as actual sympathy. Not really sure how a cartoon face is going to make your sadness go away after your grandpa dies (RIP Pops).

Out of these new emojis, the most useful ones are the HAHA and the SURPRISE (wow?). So now you can be more specific in your “liking”.  So when your married friend posts “We’re pregnant!” you can hit the “WOW” button to show that you’re surprised without having to endorse pregnancy.  All they want is a reaction, right?  The angry one is perfect for your mom to use when she reads your status about blacking out and waking up with mysterious bruises.


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