Facebook Will Let You Appeal Your Fake Name

Facebook apparently doesn’t like when you don’t use your legal name. There are many reasons you might do this. Maybe you are recruiting, or maybe you’re so famous you just want to be incognito, or whatever. But it shouldn’t really be a big deal, considering our Facebooks should be our profile to do whatever we want with.

Apparently a lot of people complained about this policy being discriminating towards transgender people, thought we also think it’s just annoying if you don’t want anyone to know your true name. Like what would Don Draper do?

But because we don’t want to let Facebook be shady and change their policies, here’s what you should know about using a fake name on your profile. Basically, if you decide you want to go by Katie with a y, you can only do this if like, you really explain why it’s important to you. And if you on a whim decide to change your name to go off the grid, you can only do so if you’re like actually famous and need privacy to avoid actual stalkers.

IDK seriously we just think Facebook thinks of itself too highly. You’re just a website, not a yellow pages. Who cares if a name doesn’t match a person? Are they going to ask for our social security numbers next? We wouldn’t be surprised.


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