Facebook Is Finally Working on the Dislike Button

Think back to 2009: Hillary was Secretary of State, One Direction didn’t exist yet, and your Facebook was a goddamn mess. You were probably a member of about a hundred useless groups, and one of them was probably something like “IF 10,000 PEOPLE JOIN THIS GROUP FACEBOOK WILL MAKE A DISLIKE BUTTON!!!” Okay so whoever made this group obviously had too much time on their hands/was lying, but six years later Facebook has finally listened to your high school desires.

Mark Zuckerberg announced this week that Facebook has finally caved and is working on a dislike button. Unfortunately, the button won’t be for throwing shade at that weird girl who lived on your floor freshman year. It’s meant more as an alternative to liking a post about someone’s dog dying, or some sad shit like that. This way, moms everywhere can stop commenting “dislike, I’m so sorry Trish” on Trish’s post about having to sell the beach house. Praise the Facebook gods.


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