Facebook Wants To Help You Get Over Your Ex

Facebook has now defined the 21st Century breakup. Unfriending isn’t really an option with an ex, because you want to check up on him and make sure you won the who’s doing better competition. In the words of Samantha Jones “There’s always a contest with an ex. It’s called ‘who will die miserable.'” You can’t feel better about yourself if you don’t know what his new hook-up looks like on Spring Break in Cabo.

Now Facebook will let you virtually break-up with him as soon as you change your status – if you were ever Facebook official to begin with. It will block his posts and tagged photos form your timeline automatically, and you have the option to block him from seeing your posts, which is a terrible idea unless you plan on gaining 20 pounds or get bangs.

Now if only they had a similar software to block Scandal spoilers. 


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