Facebook Says There’s Only 3.57 Degrees of Separation Between You and Every Rando

In honor of Friends Day, some nerds at Facebook decided to test the six degrees of separation theory using data from their network. The theory has been around basically forever (since the early 1900s), and proposes that everyone in the world is connected by six or fewer people in between. It’s sort of like when a desperate social climber says their “friend’s best friend’s cousin can 100% get you backstage at the Justin Bieber concert,” except less full of shit.

As it turns out, the average distance between any two of the 1.59 billion Facebook users is only 3.57 degrees. In the US, it’s even smaller at 3.46. That means that statistically you are connected to any rando on the planet by less than four people.  Let’s all pour one out for the golden years of exclusivity and make a point to not allow “friends of friends” at any future functions. 


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