Facebook Forces Yet Another App On Us

  First it was the integration of Facebook into every app that there ever was and then Facebook’s rule that in order to use messenger we had to download the Messenger app, now they’re at it again with the need for their useless control of our lives. According to The Verge, Facebook’s newest form of torture comes in the form of their Moments app and if you don’t download it, every photo you’ve ever synced to the social networking website through a mobile device will vanish. Thanks a lot Obama.


The Verge reports “The notice has to do with a photo syncing feature that was recently removed from Facebook’s main mobile app. Starting in 2012, the core Facebook app was able to automatically upload photos from a phone’s local camera roll to a private album on Facebook. They were kept for storage, but also to make it easier to later share them publicly on Facebook. That syncing tool has now been moved out of the core Facebook app and into the photo app Moments. Facebook made it clear that this would happen – and in fact it happened months back, seemingly without much pushback. What Facebook was less clear about was what would happen to photos that had previously been synced. At the time, Facebook mentioned that people would be given the chance to download their pictures in a zip file if they didn’t want to move over to Moments. Now it’s clear that offering is because Facebook intends to completely delete synced photos if don’t download this new app. (This only applies to auto-synced photos; not photos a person has personally uploaded.)”
Basically, that means all those sick photos of you and your besties that you muploaded back in 2010 will be gone and all those pictures you took on your last spring break when we stopped calling them muploads and just returned photos to their former glory, yeah, those’ll be gone too. What torture will Mark Zuckerberg come up with next? Hopefully we have a better fate than the Winklevoss twins did.



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