Fuck Yeah, This New Korean Juicer Creates Face Masks

BREAKING: There’s a new juicer (it’s from Korea, obvs) that creates hydrogel face masks right in your own kitchen. Apparently, said juicer takes all the fruits and veggies that you probably aren’t going to eat anyway and turns them into one of those creepy, serial killer face mask sheet things, but like in gel form. If you’re feeling zen AF, you can even pour in some essential oils, and bam, you have an all natural, and probably organic, calming face mask. Namaste. 

This is basically like fucking magic, and while I don’t understand how it works (at all), I definitely want it because a) it’s my life’s dream to have a kitchen with zero appliances and only juicers and b) it looks expensive. Actually, do you think there’s going to be a monogram option? Also, wondering if it comes in white gold. It won’t hit the market until some time in 2016, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 


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