Eva Mendes And Ryan Gosling Had Another Baby While None Of Us Were Looking

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling’s relationship is a bigger mystery than the identity of Becky with the good hair. They met while filming a movie (that nobody watched) in 2011 and had a baby girl in 2014. In terms of a Hollywood romance, that’s a pretty long time to go without having a tabloid ruining your relationship. Tbh it just seems a little inconsiderate that Eva and Ryan didn’t give the rest of us time to adjust to having our favorite bachelor being taken off the market.

Anyway, the couple’s second daughter was born 2 weeks ago, and nobody even knew Eva was pregnant until last month. It’s the opposite of a Kardashian pregnancy. Besides the fact that not a single photo of pregnant Eva was released, nobody at the hospital leaked that she had given birth. It’s like the black box of Hollywood births. Maybe it’s because nobody cares about Ryan Gosling’s private life unless he’s dating Rachel McAdams, but it’s pretty impressive that this was kept secret.

Their first daughter’s name was inspired by the Hunchback of Notre Dame AKA Esmerelda Gosling, but they took a more traditional approach with their second daughter and named her after Eva’s grandmother, Amada (not a typo for Amanda—we initially thought that, too).

So congrats to the family of four and their incredible genetic gifts.


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