EU Passes Law Saying People Under 16 Need Their Parents Permission to Use Social Media

If you thought the US government was fucked up, you’ll never believe the shit Europe is trying to pull. The European Union just passed a law that “requires teens under the age of 16 to get parental consent in order to participate on social media websites.” That is way harsh Tai. Don’t worry, that won’t affect betches studying abroad in Europe. You can still Insta your best Kate Middleton impression from London.

Obvi people have no chill about this, because it’s about to be ski season and European middle schoolers are going to have greater “candid” photos to post. But some people are pulling a bullshit argument about youth being “involved in cross-border conversations to solve some of the world’s most critical challenges.” I don’t think you need 14 year old Sarah from Barcelona who just got a Michael Kors bag to help you solve the Syrian refugee crisis, but sure. The law will be signed sometime this week, so if you’re a European under 16 years old, get ready to ask mom and dad permission before posting your next “my friends are soooo crazy” selfie. 


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