Everyone in America is Currently Sweating Ethan the Runner

By now most of us have already experienced at least one sexual fantasy revolving around America’s newest viral boyfriend: Ethan the Runner. Ethan first surfaced Sunday night when WGN TV reporter Tahman Bradley interviewed him in Chicago during coverage of the city’s unseasonably hot weather. Unseasonably hot indeed.


So this just happened. Enjoying the weather, are you, “Ethan”?

Posted by WGN TV on Sunday, December 13, 2015

Bradley introduces Ethan as someone “who we found out here running” in the rain, which is definitely an understatement considering they were probably expecting to interview a crazy family in ponchos or no one at all. Instead they spotted a shirtless Ethan running alongside Lake Michigan, and immediately started asking questions because obviously. The first one was why he was shirtless to which Ethan responded, “Too wet to wear a shirt.”

I’d also like to add a few questions of my own:

Is this a thing? Do hot guys go for runs in the rain? Where are the rest of them? Why the fuck am I on Tinder?

Anyway, Ethan proceeds to explain how he loves running in the rain and then enthusiastically adds, “I’m also single.” After that line, the Internet imploded on itself and every female decided they wanted to date him. He recently said he had 900 friend requests on Facebook, and when I tried to add him, I was told he had reached the maximum limit. I’m now “Following” him which I’ll definitely resent the shit out of in about a week and a half. Regardless, Ethan the Runner is the thirsty girl’s dreamboat, and if you feel like attempting to contact him like every other girl in America is currently, here’s the info below:



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