Erin Andrews Is So Over Your Lame TV Proposal

Sure, American Idol had its finale this week, reality TV's most magical moment happened on different show. During the Dancing with the Stars episode on Monday, one of the contestants proposed to his girlfriend on live television.

I mean, proposals are already ugh enough, but forcing everyone watching a competition show to watch you make a fool out of yourself is just double ugh. But luckily for us, Erin Andrews was standing there in the middle of the frame, and her eye roll did not go unmissed.

Catch this brilliant moment below:

Look, it’s not like we don’t support love, it’s just the more public you pronounce yours, the less we are to believe you really care about each other.  It’s like how bouncers always know you’re underage because you tell everyone you’re 21 before they even ask.

Andrews swears that she was just trying not to cry so she looked up instead, but if you watch the playback it’s almost undeniably an eye roll. While others were giving her shit for this reaction, we think it’s super chill and give her props for not giving AF.


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