Why Erin Andrews Is A Betch Icon

Erin Andrews – sportscaster, journalist, and Dancing With The Stars cohost – is an icon and idol to betches everywhere.

First of all, this woman is 37 but she doesn’t look a day over 30. She’s a gorgeous 5′ 10″ All-American badass with an attitude and we love her for it. Her sense of style, admirable jobs, and overall sense of self make her relatable to any betch.

More important, homegirl’s got an attitude. In May of this year, Erin was accused of rolling her eyes as a proposal happened on DWTS. She claimed she was fighting back tears, and it does honestly look that way, but that side-eye though! I do the same thing whenever I have to watch someone get engaged. 

Also, the lady has been stalked before by some psycho in Nashville (can’t really blame the guy, she’s gorgeous, but a creep is a creep). She handled the issue like a boss…basically sued everyone out the ass and made $75 million. Why can’t all of life’s problems be resolved in a $75 million settlement? 

On top of that, this betch can pull off any hairstyle and basically looks fabulous in anything her stylist puts her in.

Oh, oh, and she can dance, too. Andrews appeared on the 10th season of DWTS and killed it, placing 3rd and slaying it in skimpy outfits and dancing shoes.  

Erin, we love you, and we will continue to channel you when dressing for any and all occasions, when we watch people we know get engaged, and whenever we have to deal with crazy stalkers. Thanks for the guidance, betch!  


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