No, Pervs, Margot Robbie And Emma Watson Aren’t Remaking ‘Brokeback Mountain’

Emma Watson and Margot Robbie are two of the most beautiful women on the planet. Emma’s got that whole classy, timeless thing going for her. Plus, she was hands down the prettiest girl in all of Hogwarts. And Margot is just like the world’s hottest blonde and she has an Australian accent. She’s like Chris Hemsworth in girl form. So when a website posted that they’d be the new stars of a sequel to Brokeback Mountain, the internet broke quicker than when the sexy felon made his debut.

James Corden hot

Guys were salivating at work. Girl crushes went through the fucking roof. Everyone was tweeting about it. But bad news sluts, this isn’t actually happening. The website that “confirmed” the new flick is some satirical site that just makes shit up as a joke. Sorry, y’all. Maybe next year. But like, wouldn’t this pretty much be just a porno? If the thought of two attractive girls hooking up is so damn exciting, there’s this thing called the internet that I’m sure can point you in the right direction.



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