Nice Girl Emma Watson is Starting a Book Club

Our favorite teen witch, behind Sabrina, of course, is starting a book club. I mean, she is on deck to play Belle in a live action Beauty and the Beast movie and her signature role was a total book nerd, so it makes a lot of sense. Emma Watson just loves books so much.

Anyway, “Our Shared Shelf” is Watson’s new project. It takes out the fun parts of having a book club like drinking wine and gossiping with your friends and just leaves the actual work of reading a fucking book.

It’s open to the public, because of course it is. All you have to do is register for a Goodreads account and then join the group here

You’re actually in some pretty decent company if you join. Brooke Davis, a.k.a. Sophia Bush, was one of the first celebrities to join. Tennis betch Maria Sharapova also tweeted about the group, as did soccer star Abby Wambach. I guess becoming a profession athlete gives you a lot of free time to read.

The first book on the reading list is “My Life on the Road” by feminist and hair-goals icon Gloria Steinem.

If there are enough idiots in this country to make Donald Trump a presidential election front-runner, it’s probably about damn time we start advocating for people to crack open some books and get a little educated.

Ten points for Griffindor. 


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