Emily Ratajkowski Complains That She’s Too Sexy

There are a ton of important issues happening in America right now and they’re all basically a volcano waiting to explode. Trump might actually become president, terrorism is still a really big fucking deal, and famous, wealthy, and unbelievably beautiful women aren’t getting the roles in Hollywood that they truly deserve *tear*. Emily Ratajkowski of “Blurred Lines” and Kim Kardashian naked selfie fame is speaking out about feminism, but not in a way that anyone could possibly relate to. The actress tells Evening Standard, “It’s an interesting paradox…If you’re a sexy actress it’s hard to get serious roles. You get offered the same thing that they’ve seen you in. People are like sheep and they’re like ‘Oh, that’s what she does well.’ What’s so dumb is that women are 50 percent of the population and they want to spend money to see movies where they’re portrayed as three-dimensional characters.”

Oh no. Poor incredibly gorgeous Emily. We all feel really sorry for you. Did I mention that this interview starts with the author describing the view from her house in the Hollywood Hills? Yeah, I’ll make sure to play my violin as somber as possible in mourning of your clearly failing career (until, of course, my upstairs neighbor starts banging on the floor for me to shut the fuck up because I’m being too loud). Besides the fact that she needs to get a grip, she’s not the only pretty girl to want to be a serious actress, nor is she the only pretty girl to complain about being too pretty but not actually do anything about her problems. Meanwhile, I can name a few gorgeous actresses who went pretty fucking ugly for their roles: Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Taryn Manning…

Ratajkowski continues to explain that men don’t want to hear what she has to say because she’s a woman. “The truth of the matter is no one wants to hear me talk about this stuff. Definitely the men who are casting films don’t want to hear it, but I just can’t not—I’m angry.”

Hmmm…maybe, if you want people to take you seriously, do something other than bitch to a publication nobody reads or has even heard of? Also, didn’t you just accidentally become an “actress” like, two years ago? (When did Gone Girl come out?)

What Ratajkowski’s saying makes a lot of sense, but honestly, the way she’s saying it and the reasons she has for saying it just don’t sit right with me. Whatever. Maybe I’m just bitter.


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