Emily Ratajkowski Framed Her Own Instagram, Needs To Chill

If you thought the girl who posts only solo shots to Insta (we all know one) was a narcissist, Emily Ratajkowski is next level. She has an enlarged, framed canvas of her own Instagram post. It’s like the opposite of when you get a #tbt photo from something your mom has framed in the living room. Her canvas version even includes the likes and comments, so it’s just a constant reminder that more than 100,000 people think she’s hot.

But adding insult to injury, the Insta was from Emily’s 2014 Sports Illustrated spread, where she wore body paint like it was a bikini top. Not even Kim Kardashian has a nude photo of herself hung behind her dining room table. And you know when your narcissism pales in comparison to Kim Kardashian West, you’re absolutely extra.

So Emily agrees with every man and most women in the world, she think she’s really pretty.


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